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     The seminal event in the Rio Ranch Charolais program occurred with the Camp Cooley Ranch Dispersal in 2008. As the volume buyer, we infused the base line genetics that had made Camp Cooley Ranch one of the rising stars in the breed. Our current donor cow line up is anchored by six Camp Cooley donors and now their daughters are finding their way to our front pasture. Our cows are descended from Wienk, Eaton, DeBruycker and Rogers genetics, the most proven names in the breed.      Perhaps the most unique acquisition came last fall with the purchase of the Isa Cattle Company Charolais herd. These unique females originated in the Crescent J herd from the Broussard family of Florida. These females are direct line descendants of what is believed to be the earliest Charolais female exportation from Mexico into the U.S. in 1953. The story of the challenges faced by the Broussard family in bringing these direct Pugibet genetics into the U.S. is fascinating. The Ortega family, originally from Mexico, is excited to include these cows in our program.     In the fall of 2012 we acquired  the majority of the Ascherman Charolais Enterprises herd from Larry Ascherman. This herd with their similar selection philosophy is already making an impact for us. Finally the purchase of the Allison Charolais herd of Calvert, TX, has added to our volume of highly maternal females with consistent performance and superior durability.     The basis for our Charolais program lies in the cow families that have originated in these time tested base herds we have built our program around. We look forward to introducing you to these high accuracy performance females.

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